Of the many people committed to supporting the evolution of ISC's work in Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy, the following have taken up a leadership role in that effort as members of the Board of Trustees
The Institute for Strategic Clarity exists to support those who, in their striving to achieve greater harmonic vibrancy, are leading the way toward this goal
We focus our efforts in research activities related with Ecosynomics, and we co-invest with our partners and affiliates in initiatives with social impact
We are also committed to developing the capacities of our community, by creating a space to connect and deeply explore the agreements question
Explore with us the possibilities we are working with, to manifest them in probabilities we can commit to

Helen-Ann Ireland

ISC Board Chair
As many of the old forms of working together become ineffective, I see ISC’s role as one of having the experience and educational tools ready to assist organizations in their search for new ways of going forward together. It is time to value each person’s contribution to the ‘whole’ and to realize that all human beings have the same basic needs, no matter what their position in life. Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy bring these high ideals into the practical life. Working from these points of view, with the tools to make them happen, can make our dreams come true.

James L. Ritchie-Dunham

ISC President
Looking out thirty years, I believe a completely different set of agreements can exist among all peoples, agreements in which people can strive towards their own deeper potential. I believe that we will look back to 2016 as a time when the work of a few began to support the emergence of this new set of agreements, in critical, high-leverage ways, and that the Institute for Strategic Clarity played a key role in that work. It will have been through the “naming” of the foundations of the new agreements, what we now call ecosynomics, that people began to identify what they were learning and to connect with each other in support of the new agreements.

Luz Maria Puente Kawashima

ISC Board Treasurer
My vision for the Institute is that the ecosynomics principles can provide a framework for governments, organizations, communities and global networks where they can create for themselves a promising future where there is no need for control and restrictions but rather a set of agreements where everybody looks out for each other. This will be a place where the ultimate goal is drawn from a higher self and where harmony vibrancy resonates with everybody, The work at the Institute will focus on how to help these communities develop their skills in generating these outcomes. We will also work with these leaders to understand better how they are currently doing this as well as identifying gaps or new ways to teach others to move in this direction. The ecosynomics principles will transform a hopeful future into a reality.

Cleon Dunham

ISC Board Secretary
I look forward to the day when ISC, through its initiatives in Ecosynomics and Harmonic Vibrancy, can make a significant impact on the personal, social, business, governmental, and international relational aspects of life on this planet. The population on earth is rapidly growing to the point where the quality of life of all its inhabitants, in the “1st,” “2nd”, and “3rd” worlds, will suffer due to diminishing access to key resources of water, arable land, and energy. This will lead to ever-growing numbers of conflicts, often incorrectly blamed on religion. I envision a role for ISC to have a significant impact on stemming and reversing the conflicts between and decline of societies and building for their rejuvenation.

Ana Cláudia Gonçalves

ISC Board Member
There´s a big challenge out there that reminds us that we can look inside ourselves and find the answers, a challenge which invite us to create a new consciousness and the ISC is now being a key element in this journey back to where we belong: abundance and prosperity. I truly believe in the future of ISC as one of the most significant knowledge and practice sources about a new way to interact and to understand our world, a totally new perspective of individuals, groups and organizations and the way we live together. The application of Ecosynomic principles integrates nature’s processes of value creation, transformation, and propagation into the space of human interactions, structured around cycles of positive feedback and growth in the outcomes and experiences desired. Ecosynomics translates and drives the natural phenomenon that occurs within human interactions, allowing the achievement of much greater results than normally expected, on a sustainable basis. Therefore, in thirty years maybe the concept will evolve but the principles behind it will become a new practice, a new way of being and living focused in a full development of potential as individuals, groups and organizations.

Luis Paiz Bekker

ISC Board Member
In the current age where we are part of historically unprecedented technological advances, changing at a pace faster than we can internalize. Where these social, economic, political changes occur all of a suden and where the globalization tendencies respond exclusively to the needs of the market, it would seem that human beings have lost the clarity of the path we wanted to take, and we have tried to impose our fragmented and often isolated vision of the world. It would seem that we have distanced ourselves from our very essence and that we advance without harmonizing our inner life and we react without awarenes of the fundamental needs of the majority of beings on the planet. ISC can play a key role in uniting the fundamental and complex harmony between the essence of the human being and the awareness and clarity of the external world. Each is necessary to develop the potential of all species and life, understanding the relationships of the ecosystems from their unique essence, generating a profound transformation where the social, political, economic, cultural, and spiritual relations of human beings can develop from a deeper harmonic vibrancy, constructed from a systemic view of diversity, aligned with the rythyms of nature and with the basic connection with all of the life on our mother earth.