observation of Global Phenomena

Several years ago we made a game-changing observation…
In 125 countries and 11 languages, we scientifically observed groups of all kinds that are WAY more successful in comparison to their peers
We thought we found “the lucky few,” but realized that we were looking at a phenomena that could not be explained by contemporary economics
On our way, we discovered that these groups, many of which we are working with, start from a different initial assumption than economic scarcity. They start with abundance
Still, or just because of that, we find that they are much more effective, efficient and healthy than what is currently the accepted norm
We also find they often “unintentionally” create above-average positive socio-economic and sustainable impact in their local communities
Ecosynomics, the social science of abundance and collaboration, explains what they are learning and how that changes all of the rules of the game

wrapping the story up in one Image

The story we hear over and over again, at any stage of the bell-curve continuum, is one of five relationships and three levels
Not surprisingly, they strongly correlate with what nearly all scientific and spiritual traditions of any kind and time say about the human experience of reality

different Stories from different Places

From a place of SCARCITY

In groups with very short to no success, we hear stories of:
. individual collapse (SELF) and
. not seeing each other (OTHER)
. being a replaceable cog in the machine (GROUP),
. that has to produce things (NATURE)
. that are defined by given rules/ forces one cannot question (SPIRIT)

From a place of ABUNDANCE

In groups with lasting and outstanding success, we hear stories of:
. individual freedom and growth (SELF)
. seeing each other and being fair (OTHER)
. being invited to make unique contributions to something bigger (GROUP)
. producing things by imagining the future AND finding creative ways to deliver (NATURE)
. by getting inspiration from everywhere and everyone all of the time (SPIRIT)

lead to different Results

From a place of SCARCITY

Looking through the 4 ecosynomic lenses, we observe the following in scarcity-driven groups:
. The resources we have are only those we can see or touch
. One of the 5 relationships dominates the allocation of these resources
. We only value outcomes and things, and we want to maximize the things we have
. Competition is the only organizing principle towards the outside world and inside the group

From a place of ABUNDANCE

Looking through the 4 ecosynomic lenses, we observe the following in abundance-driven groups:
. The resources we have can be imagined and further developed, and game-changing ideas emerge
. All 5 relationships define the allocation of the available resources
. We value outcomes AND growth AND potential
. Collaboration is the better way to be highly competitive (inside & outside)