what we are Doing

We are often asked: “What is new and different?
We are naming a new scientific field, successfully conducting hundreds of field tests, starting to outline this new universe of human relations and health
We are revealing an overarching framework for thousands of not-yet-connected approaches, in very distant fields, creating a robust global network and developing new tools to support management, policy development, leadership, and interactions as fast as we are finding new high vibrant groups: the so-called positive deviants

Self-reinforcing Engine

Our purpose is to shift the vibrancy of the planet within this generation
To be able to achieve this audacious goal we use a reinforcing and interdependent engine:
. wisdom co-creation with and between groups - CHOICE PROGRAM
. "real life" application to strengthen existing high vibrant groups and support the movement of the others - LIVE LABS
. collective research and insight creation to ground our work in real data - GLOBAL INITIATIVE
. content creation to share the insights with all kinds of audiences - EDUCATION PROGRAMS
 This structure is highly flexible and evolves as fast as the field of Ecosynomics emerges

it is about Inspiring

... It is not about heavy lifting
Since we are not convincing groups to change, but inviting them to achieve better results and health on a sustainable basis … it already has become viral
Until now, we have not experienced even one person saying: “Well, all this is nice, but I neither want to have a high vibrant experience in the groups I am part of, nor do I want to have this kind of outcomes.”
Many different and constantly evolving communication channels make up the viral strategy of the work
More channels are emerging, as fast as new people, who take up responsibility, enter the network