A manager of a capital equipment manufacturer once said, “We never realized how strong our functional blinders were. We get so into our own part of the business, we don’t even realize how we affect other groups.” This two-part series of articles describes a process called the Systemic View of the Organizational Map (SVOM).  SVOM builds on systems archetypes to help you assess organizational structures, departmental incentives, and goals. Unless you align an organization’s overall structure and goals with local incentives and goals, these structures can actually undermine the company’s ability to use the leverage points indicated by an archetype. This first article will illustrate how to identify organizational boundaries, departmental incentives and goals, and local perspectives.

[box type=”info”]Ritchie-Dunham, James, and Annabel Membrillo. 1999. Breaking Down Functional Blinders: A Systemic View of the Organizational Map, The Systems Thinker, 10(10).[/box]

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