In the first article in this series (V10N10), we used Jay Forrester’s Market Growth Model as a case study for introducing the Systemic View of the Organizational Map (SVOM) process.  First, we viewed the Market Growth Model through the lens of the “Growth and Underinvestment” archetypal structure. We then identified organizational groups, their goals and incentives, and the boundaries across which they share resources.We ended by showing how conflicting incentives can create unintended consequences for the organization as a whole.  This article presents the final stage of SVOM, in which we deepen our understanding of what drives the behavior of the people in the system. This analysis constitutes a crucial step in redesigning the organizational structure to promote a systemic utilization of shared resources.

[box type=”info”]Ritchie-Dunham, James, and Annabel Membrillo. 2000. Reconciling Local and Global Goals: A Systemic View of the Organizational Map, The Systems Thinker, 11(2).[/box]

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