This is a story about a company whose idealistic and successful leader has long been engaged in re- inventing it as an American-based, community- rooted, profitable manufacturer and retailer. It is a case history of classic entrepreneurial skills at work, of a company that has excelled at reading changes emerging in the world and responding creatively in order to open up unexpected opportunities.

Jim Throneburg (JLT, as he is known at THORLO), owner and CEO of THORLO, a well-known hosiery company in Statesville, NC, sensed years ago that coming events would present unprecedented challenges and possibilities for business and communities. He was convinced that the social and environmental challenges of our time could be effectively addressed by new, practical ways of designing organizations and carrying out work. Both his company and his career have been dedicated to creating those possibilities.

 [box]Leaf, Andrew, and Ned Hulbert. 2010. THORLO: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of Sustainability, White Paper, Amherst, MA: Institute for Strategic Clarity, November.[/box]

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