You have described a group in Higher Vibrancy.

Most people tend to have unique and valuable experiences with this group.  Participation in this group helps them see, develop, and bring out their very best.

This group is quite rare.  It has found agreements of how it wants to interact with others in a way that everyone shines, most of the time.  In the few groups we have met like this one, there tend to be a few areas where scarcity still seems to find its way in.

It might be interesting to look at how the agreements around the areas where you experience scarcity are different than most of the group’s agreements.  By being consciously aware of these agreements, you can shine the light on these areas of scarcity, and bring out the abundance inherent in them.

This may be useful to you:

We would love to learn more about your group and how it achieves such harmonic vibrancy and abundance. You can learn more about your group and its agreement through a more in-depth assessment of your group with a 12-minute survey.  It also gives us more information for our research, and we would appreciate it!