Your survey responses described an experience where you bring very little of your capacities, others do not see or appreciate you, you do what you are told to do, the rules in “the book” guide your daily work, and the only reality is what can be seen and touched.

In general, we find that groups like this focus, almost exclusively, on getting results and doing it the “boss’s way.”  This experience tends to exhaust you and the others in the group.

You might ask yourself, and perhaps your group, “Is this really the best we can do?”

If you answer, “No.  We know that we can do better.,” then you have another possibility.  Your group can agree to a different reality.  A reality with different agreements about how you interact with each other.

The first step towards this more energizing experience is to see the many hidden capacities and insights in the group.  You might start by asking, “What talents or skills do we have that might improve our outcomes and make our time together more enjoyable?”


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