ISC President

My vision for ISC’s potential: 

Looking out thirty years, I believe a completely different set of agreements can exist among all peoples, agreements in which people can strive towards their own deeper potential. I believe that we will look back to 2016 as a time when the work of a few began to support the emergence of this new set of agreements, in critical, high-leverage ways, and that the Institute for Strategic Clarity played a key role in that work. It will have been through the “naming” of the foundations of the new agreements, what we now call ecosynomics, that people began to identify what they were learning and to connect with each other in support of the new agreements.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

Over the past decade, I have bridged the world of practice and the world of academia. In practice, as a partner in a consultancy (SDSG then GEP), I have supported leaders, in organizations across business, government, civil society, and global networks, in bringing greater strategic clarity to their large-scale social changes. In academia, as president of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, adjunct faculty member at the ITAM, and strategic advisor at Harvard, I have explored and documented the foundations of strategy, large-scale social change, and ecosynomics, as well as teaching graduate classes on strategic design and modeling.

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