ISC Board Secretary

My vision for ISC’s potential:

I look forward to the day when ISC, through its initiatives in Ecosynomics and Harmonic Vibrancy, can make a significant impact on the personal, social, business, governmental, and international relational aspects of life on this planet. The population on earth is rapidly growing to the point where the quality of life of all its inhabitants, in the “1st,” “2nd”, and “3rd” worlds, will suffer due to diminishing access to key resources of water, arable land, and energy. This will lead to ever-growing numbers of conflicts, often incorrectly blamed on religion. I envision a role for ISC to have a significant impact on stemming and reversing the conflicts between and decline of societies and building for their rejuvenation.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

I retired from Shell Oil Company, and Shell International Exploration and Production, in 2000, after 36 years. I always say I never worked a day in my life; it was all fun. (I lie a little; there were budget meetings, etc., but most of it was a challenge and pleasure.)

I had such a good time, I continue my oil and gas industry involvement by leading the Artificial Lift R&D Council, an international, non-profit organization designed to bring knowledge and understanding about methods for oil and gas production to the world. Through ALRDC, I help organize six annual, international workshops/conferences on enhanced production technologies. I also consult with organizations on ways to optimize the production and automation of their wells and facilities.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

I am on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, and enjoy our three sons, their wives/fiancée, and grandchildren. My wife Jane and I have had over 1,000 international visitors in our home, many for extended stays of one – two years. Fourteen of them were one-year high school exchange students, as were our three sons. Twenty or more were/are college or graduate students. Some of the most meaningful are ones we call our “little birds with broken wings,” young women in difficult situations who needed extra care. We’ve had many others who just needed a helping hand along the way. We’re not the UN, but we try to play a small part in improving international relations and the lives of individuals in need.