ISC Board Chair

My vision for ISC’s potential:

As many of the old forms of working together become ineffective, I see ISC’s role as one of having the experience and educational tools ready to assist organizations in their search for new ways of going forward together. It is time to value each person’s contribution to the ‘whole’ and to realize that all human beings have the same basic needs, no matter what their position in life. Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy bring these high ideals into the practical life. Working from these points of view, with the tools to make them happen, can make our dreams come true.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

Having taught and been part of the leadership teams in the Waldorf schools for twenty years, I know that collaborative leadership works. It takes a different kind of leader though. I would describe this as “servant leadership,” where those who take on leadership roles do so for the good of the entire organization and all the individuals involved. Working this way brought out skills in me that were latent, and gave me opportunities to stretch myself in ways that I could not have imagined.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

My life has been both a work of art in progress and a continuous prayer. I have a wonderful family, many excellent friends, a rich and varied interest in the arts and humanities, a love of nature, and an insatiable desire to continue learning new things. I am continually inspired by the people with whom I serve on the Boards of ISC and of Plowshare Farm.