ISC Board Treasurer

My vision for ISC’s potential:

My vision for the Institute is that the ecosynomics principles can provide a framework for governments, organizations, communities and global networks where they can create for themselves a promising future where there is no need for control and restrictions but rather a set of agreements where everybody looks out for each other. This will be a place where the ultimate goal is drawn from a higher self and where harmony vibrancy resonates with everybody,

The work at the Institute will focus on how to help these communities develop their skills in generating these outcomes. We will also work with these leaders to understand better how they are currently doing this as well as identifying gaps or new ways to teach others to move in this direction. The ecosynomics principles will transform a hopeful future into a reality.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

I have worked with Strategic Clarity and with the Institute for Strategic Clarity for 13 years providing consultancy to top managers and leaders in different types of organizations to have a more holistic or systemic view of their organizations so they can achieve what they want. By doing so, I have helped the organizations I served, and I have influenced many people’s lives personally. I have tremendously enjoyed the work, and, more importantly, I highly appreciate the relationships I have built over those years.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

I am involved in a spiritual community, and I volunteer to help organize some of their activities. This is a global community that focuses on many different ways to heal the body and the spirit; such practices include acupuncture, meditation, Qi-kung and different types of performing arts. My friends and family are very important to me and I dedicate time to cultivate and deepen these relationships.