ISC Board Member

My vision for ISC’s potential:

There´s a big challenge out there that reminds us that we can look inside ourselves and find the answers, a challenge which invite us to create a new consciousness and the ISC is now being a key element in this journey back to where we belong: abundance and prosperity.

I truly believe in the future of ISC as one of the most significant knowledge and practice sources about a new way to interact and to understand our world, a totally new perspective of individuals, groups and organizations and the way we live together. The application of Ecosynomic principles integrates nature’s processes of value creation, transformation, and propagation into the space of human interactions, structured around cycles of positive feedback and growth in the outcomes and experiences desired.

Ecosynomics translates and drives the natural phenomenon that occurs within human interactions, allowing the achievement of much greater results than normally expected, on a sustainable basis. Therefore, in thirty years maybe the concept will evolve but the principles behind it will become a new practice, a new way of being and living focused in a full development of potential as individuals, groups and organizations.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

I have more than 22 years of experience in multinational companies in which she has developed a solid career in the service sector, as well as a proven managerial ability in international environments and a profound knowledge of strategy, transformation and coaching. I have served in executive positions in 10 countries as Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Angola, China, Mexico and the United States.

Since 2013 I actively participate in ISC’s research and development of the Ecosynomics concepts (the study of the principles of collaboration from an abundance-based perspective), with affiliated researchers at Harvard, MIT, Boston College and other leading universities throughout the USA, Germany, Mexico, and South Africa. Since 2015, I have mainly been dedicated to being a lead Co-host for Vibrancy Europe, with special focus on powering deep and lasting transformations at individual and organizational levels. Previously, between 2006 and 2015, I worked with the Santander Group where I was Managing Director of the Global Services Hub at Mexico, CEO of ISBAN Mexico, Member of the Administration Council and Technical Managing Director in ISBAN Portugal. I have been an independent Executive Management Advisor, providing training in behavioral and client service techniques, evaluating and optimizing Human Resources structures, and managing economic analysis for sustainable national environment policies. I worked with IBM Global Services as Principal in the area of solutions for strategic change for the financial services (Spain and Portugal). I began my professional career with Accenture in 1993, at the Service Unit of strategy and change management for the financial services sector, where I was until 2001 as Strategy Senior Manager.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

Spending time with my family, reading and discovering new places to learn from other cultures are three of my main interests.