ISC Board Member

My vision for ISC’s potential:

In the current age where we are part of historically unprecedented technological advances, changing at a pace faster than we can internalize.  Where these social, economic, political changes occur all of a suden and where the globalization tendencies respond exclusively to the needs of the market, it would seem that human beings have lost the clarity of the path we wanted to take, and we have tried to impose our fragmented and often isolated vision of the world.  It would seem that we have distanced ourselves from our very essence and that we advance without harmonizing our inner life and we react without awarenes of the fundamental needs of the majority of beings on the planet.

ISC can play a key role in uniting the fundamental and complex harmony between the essence of the human being and the awareness and clarity of the external world.  Each is necessary to develop the potential of all species and life, understanding the relationships of the ecosystems from their unique essence, generating a profound transformation where the social, political, economic, cultural, and spiritual relations of human beings can develop from a deeper harmonic vibrancy, constructed from a systemic view of diversity, aligned with the rythyms of nature and with the basic connection with all of the life on our mother earth.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

I was National Director of Programs for CARE International in Guatemala, where with 160 colleagues we focused on poverty reduction strategies, as part of which we developed the Systemic Map of Poverty with ISC and other stakeholders critical to the life forces of the country.  Through this exercise we were able to clearly visualize the complex system that reproduces poverty in Guatemala.

I was then Regional Director of Doctors without Borders (Médicos Sin Fronteras, MSF) for South America.  I led the South American regional office from its base in Buenos Aires, exploring and expanding the enormous potential in this part of the continent. In this effort, we sought to convert MSF into a global movement, transcending classic North-to-South relations, and creating new opportunities and pathways for solidarity in South-South relations, in harmony with emerging countries and new important stakeholders in the global economy.

Currently I have the honor of leading Oxfam International’s strategy for poverty reduction through justice and equity in Guatemala.  We are working to achieve this through the identification of critical spaces of the structural transformation of unequal power relations in the social, cultural, economic, and political fields, and of relationships where the classic exclusion processes are inverted, to achieve the development of integrated communities, where technology and the means of production become pathways of inclusion to achieve self-sustainability with self-determination and integral harmony with other species and the environment.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

My principal interest is in contributing to achieving profound social, economic, cultural, poiltical, and spiritual transformations that permit the vast majority of human beings to have a dignified life with clear opportunities to self-sustain and self-determine in essential harmony with other species and the environment around us, exploring the deep relationship between inner wellbeing and the support of external wellbeing, generating a deep awareness between both spaces, to transform the way we walk the pathways of life, achieving happy societies integrated in the ecosystems, at nature’s rhythm.  All of this with the deep intention to transcend violent confrontations, in an environment of dialog, respect, interaction, and construction, acknowledging differences as opportunities for growth, creativity, and innovation, creating the conditions for this change in spaces of deep recognition of diversity, using peace as the platform.

Currently I am a member of the Board of the Associative Movement of Doctors without Borders Latin America, where I continute to collaborate at the strategic level to influence strategic priorities for Médecins Sans Frontières International.