Individuals and groups in different cultures face situations of change in fundamental agreements on a daily basis, addressing complex and large-scale social issues, as well as daily dysfunctional interactions. We wanted to understand and describe why people take on societal-scale transformations, what they do, and how they do it.  The Institute for Strategic Clarity co-invested with the UBA in this research, interviewing 22 transformational leaders from around the world.  The research highlights the underlying agreements of these transformations, discovering patterns of transformative processes in different cultures when seen through an abundance-based perspective.

[box type=”info”]Hinske, Christoph, Leslie Ritchie-Dunham, Annabel Membrillo Jimenez, Ana Cláudia Gonçalves, James L. Ritchie-Dunham. 2017. Agreements of Transformation. Institute for Strategic Clarity: Amherst, MA.[/box]

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