In the Strategic SCAN Lab, we prototype, test, and refine the Strategic SCAN protocol, a process and set of tools for assessing a group’s level of:

  • Systems understanding
  • Collaborative capacity
  • Added valuation
  • Network readiness

This field-testing lab is co-hosted by:


The intention of ISC’s Strategic SCAN Lab is to:

  • Clarify the characteristics that differentiate levels of SCAN approaches in practice
  • Document the SCAN capacities of many groups
  • Understand the relationship between the level of SCAN capacities and a group’s performance, as measured by its impact, resilience, and experience
  • Align the design of SCAN transformational processes with a group’s SCAN capacities
  • Provide a tested framework that enables funders to distinguish high-performers and high-potential groups and change agents to work with a group at the level of their actual agreements
  • Establish the foundations to be able to certify an organization’s SCAN capacities and its demonstrated level of Impact Resilience


The Strategic SCAN assessment has been described in CHOICE PICNIC whitepapers:

There are four versions of the Strategic SCAN assessment:

  • Strategic SCAN Lab research versions
    1. 4-hour hypothesis formation
    2. 3-day high-level qualitative refutation
  • Vibrancy product lines
    1. 4-week quantitative, evidence-based assessment
    2. 6-week participatory, future-definition assessment

The Strategic SCAN consists of 8 assessments.

Assessment Process Source
1 Experience Agreements Health Check survey Co-investor perceived experience, with survey responses from key people
2 Agreements Agreements Evidence Map Co-investor reflections on group interactions, in group documents, and in individual interviews
3 Systemic leverage Systemic Leverage Index Strategic systems map of the group
4 Epimemetics Metamemetic Map Agreements Evidence Map
5 Cohosting capacity Cohosting Roaming Space Co-investor perception of key leaders and participants in group
6 Impact eCubed Formulation of Impact Resilience Scorecard, and co-investor documentation of the degree to which its impact reaches everyone everywhere in the defined system everyday
7 Desired resilience Resilience Geometry Co-investor perceived and documented vision
8 Benefits and costs of shift Costs of Scarcity Agreements Evidence Map


To engage in the Strategic SCAN assessment, certified practitioners are invited to:

  • Read the CHOICE PICNIC whitepapers listed above
  • Watch the related Vibrancy product-line videos
  • Participate in the ZOOM Q&A session (described below)
  • Choose a group to assess (described below)
  • Apply the 4-hour hypothesis formation version of the Strategic SCAN
  • Share what was learned at the ISC Strategic SCAN Lab workshop (described below)


  • Zoom Q&A Session
  • Workshop
    • August 12-14, 2018
    • Belchertown, MA
    • bring at least 2 Strategic SCAN assessments


Choose a group you would like to assess in the “Groups to Assess” GoogleSheet.  You can either (a) choose one of the groups already listed or (b) add one to the list.