levels of certification

In our education charter, we provide both the education content and platforms for training people, as well as certifying each individual’s level of achievement, in the coursework they have successfully completed, the knowledge that course provided, and the competency they have demonstrated during the course


We build the social capacity to apply our work to one's own agreements


Further training, nor provided by ISC, is required to guide other parties in the application of this work

Framework Basics Level

Completed: Framework Basics 6-month course Knowledge:
Familiar with basic frameworks and their use in the context of your own community / organization
Capacity to explain the basics and use them in your community / organization


Concept Masters Level

Concept Masters 2-year course
Foundational understanding of ecosynomics and its use in in your community / organization  
Competency within ISC: 
Able to lead an Intro Workshop and a Framework Basics course




Executive Masters Level

Executive Masters 2-year course
Foundational understanding of ecosynomics and its use in your own organization and in the life of your own community
Competency within ISC:
Able to lead an Intro Workshop




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The following members of the ISC community have demonstrated, through their coursework, competency in the frameworks and practices described in their level of certification