what is a Co-Investment?

Based on research over the past decade, ISC has developed its practice of “co-investment,” where ISC contributes access to its intellectual, social, and financial capital. This is a co-investment because it is done with other co-investors who:


Want the same social impact


Share a deeper purpose


Contribute access to their unique intellectual, social, and financial capital


ISC co-invests in Social Impact

Chartered as a research and education non-profit organization, ISC focuses its research resources on discovering, understanding, framing, and experimenting with leading-edge approaches to abundance-based agreements


ISC focuses its education resources on developing and sharing these field-tested approaches through innovative, global platforms, whether in-person, on-line, real-time or virtual, to maximize access globally to innovative insights and practices


Nonprofits are entrusted, as charitable institutions, to use civil society’s resources towards civil society’s benefit.  Nonprofits are expected to invest those resources in ways that generate social impact. When nonprofits recognize the social complexity of their social impact, they realize that they need the unique contributions of others to achieve their desired social impact.  These are the nonprofit’s co-investors. They can include other nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, networks, communities, and individuals, co-investing together to achieve a social impact


As a research and education nonprofit, ISC co-invests its research and education with the active co-investments of civil society, individuals, and other organizations (nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, networks)


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what ISC co-invests

ISC co-invests its resources, including its financial, intellectual, and social capital


ISC co-invests its financial capital, which includes grants, donations, course and certification fees it receives

ISC co-invests its financial capital in fellowships, scholarships, instructors, travel, and gathering logistics


ISC co-invests its intellectual capital, which includes its framing of the foundations and practice of ecosynomics and strategic clarity, through its publication of articles, chapters, books, and its CHOICE white paper series

ISC co-invests in sharing its fieldwork through practice-oriented publications, blogs, and its knowledgebase platform

ISC also co-invests in research through its CHOICE Foundational Labs, developing the underlying basic ecosynomic theory and its CHOICE Advanced Reflection Groups, reflecting on and advancing the practice of abundance-based agreements


ISC co-invests its social capital, which includes its global networks in over 30 countries of academic researchers, field practitioners, reflective leaders, foundation, organization, and individual co-investors, and participants in and alumni of ISC-certified programs

ISC also co-invests its reputation, as developer of the strategic clarity and ecosynomics frameworks and practices, co-investor in leading-edge practice, and decades of teaching at leading institutions globally


ISC receives invitations and seeks out opportunities in its global network to co-invest. ISC looks at the co-investment opportunities through the following filters:


The potential for high social impact, resilience of social impact, and return on social impact


Use of innovative, abundance-based approaches to socially complex problems, whether developed by ISC, identified positive deviants, or other co-investors


A high-leverage process with highly efficient and effective frames, processes, and tools, led by deeply committed co-hosts


The set of co-investments of all participating co-investors provides a healthy, resilient co-investment platform

areas of Co-Investment

Since its founding in 2003, ISC has co-invested in:

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Through the image links above, you can find out more about these areas of ISC’s social impact co-investments. In the LIVE LABS, you can find examples of specific social impact initiatives ISC is co-investing in now. Join US and impact the world!

Past social impact co-investments

We are co-investing in social impacts since 1993, in initiatives like the following:

Self-determination for all citizens @ Guatemala

Antibiotic resistance @ USA

FLOW @ South Africa

Dengue fever @ Mexico

SAPAL regional water systems @ Mexico

Resilient healthy food systems for all @ USA

Vibrant communities at work @ USA, Europe

Global policy and local action networks @ Global

Learning communities of practice and research @ USA


Ecosynomics framing

Strategic clarity framing