our research activities are focused on Two major Programs

To development of this new scientific field of agreements and the continuous knowledge expansion of the frames of reference that support Ecosynomics

Global Initiative - MEDIR

The Global Initiative MEDIR (Mapping Ecosynomic Deviance and Impact Resilience) has as its value proposal the creation of a new topography of socio-economic analysis that allows us to see the current and future reality of human agreements across the globe with much more clarity, since it is based on the structures of the agreements that support human interactions

CHOICE - Clarifying Hidden Organizing agreements into Integrated Choice structures for Everyone everywhere every day

The community of Reflective Practitioners apply the principles of Ecosynomics in their organizational realities and thereby bring scientific thinking closer to the practical applicability of organizations and society

Partners and Affiliates

We are deeply committed with ISC's purpose, and we all are in service of the transcendence of our collective