how the groups Relate and their Focus

In CHOICE we are developing the foundations of abundance-based agreements fields and energizing these foundations through practice-based reflection and experiments. CHOICE does this through the interweaving of long-retreat foundational labs and periodic, short-retreat advanced study groups

framing the Big Questions in each group

To see more specifically how the Foundational Labs and Advanced Reflection Groups relate and what they are working on, we briefly frame the big questions that we have seen so far emerging in each group

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Foundational Labs

In the Foundational Labs, we bring together a small group of scholars-in-practice, in long-term retreats (2-6 months over 2-3 years), to uncover the building blocks of human agreements in their particulars and as a whole. While these three Labs ask interrelated questions, about one experience that Homo lumens has, we are approaching their initial framing and field-testing as separate, related questions

Impact Resilience

Measure the outcomes and experience that guide abundance-based, collaborative approaches

Symbolic Acknowledgement of Vibrancy Experienced

The systems people use in their interactions, initially focused on understanding "money"

Agreements Fields

The underlying set of agreements influencing human interactions, initially as seen through the economic, political, cultural, and social lenses

Advanced Reflection Groups - ARGs

In the Advanced Reflection Groups (ARGs), we bring together a small group of seasoned reflective practitioners, in short-term (1-2 weeks periodically over 2-3 years) spaces of deep reflection and extended conversation, to untangle the embedded agreements that determine the success of our efforts to shift societal systems. These four, deeply interrelated ARGs bring together seasoned reflective practitioners who influence all four ARGs and tend to focus their efforts and reflections in one to two of them

WECAN - Who is engaging in what context?

The WECAN (witnessing ecologies of consciousness and nature) ARG focuses on understanding what a human being is, the ecology of consciousness they have and work within, and how this is evolving, and on understanding the context human beings work within, the reality of their context, and how this too is evolving

ASHES - What the context of agreements fields is actually like?

The ASHES (agreement structures in health and environmental systems) ARG takes the context of many of our overlapping projects in health and environmental systems as a practice field for actually learning about how to shift whole systems

PICNIC - How we shift agreements fields?

The PICNIC (platforms for integration through collaborative networks and integrated conversations) ARG explores what we are learning about how to realize abundance-based shifts in large-scale societal change through platforms for integration, collaborative networks, and integrated conversations, working through the societal, community, and organizational levels

SHAPC - Why we do all of this?

The SHAPC (standards of health and points of choice) ARG uncovers an abundance-based reframing of why we take on these efforts, to realize healthy systems with greater choice for everyone everywhere every day