Since its creation, ISC's work is the result of the contributions and co-investments of all those who feel identified and committed to its deeper purpose. We are sincerely grateful to all and each one of our supporters


Over the years, we at the Institute for Strategic Clarity have defined a field of scientific inquiry, Ecosynomics, written a foundational text that describes the field and provides tools for shifting agreements, and engaged thousands of people in field-testing these concepts and tools


Now we are:

Developing new foundational thinking to the naming and mapping of the agreements fields


Training practitioners and researchers


Sustaining Live Labs to test and apply our tools, developing our understanding of the phenomena associated with the agreements fields


Sharing and integrating perspectives and practices with other research, business, foundations and networks organizations

The result of our work has already impacted more than 400 million lives in 90 countries - for more detail see social investment page


Our goal is to reach everyone, everywhere every day. For this, YOUR contribution and co-investment is fundamental


YOU can support our work through open gifts, whether recurring or a one-time gift, that will be channeled by ISC to the development of new research and training programs, platform development and Live Labs creation. YOU can also co-invest with us through specific investments in one of our existing programs


This gift is an investment that enables us to multiply across the globe the social impact of seeing and choosing abundance-based agreements


The return on this investment is the social impact of the transformational experience in hundreds of groups and communities by millions of people, over the next 24 months
In naming an emerging global phenomenon, Ecosynomics highlights how people are consciously choosing abundance-based agreements, as well as the resulting outcomes and experiences of higher levels of harmonic vibrancy


Whether it is a monthly gift of US$9, US$99, or US$999, or a one-time gift, it all invests in the social impact of every individual on the planet being able to choose abundance-based agreements and the experience of greater vibrancy every day


Please chose how YOU want to support our work and make your tax-deductible, social-impact investment-donation to ISC’s work

How to co-invest with us in existing and future social impact co-investments

ISC is actively inviting co-investors in the following high-leverage social impacts:

Global Initiative - MEDIR

We are mapping the global social topography of human agreements, identifying, learning with, and connecting positive deviants everywhere
A global network of university faculty and students, community leaders, and process experts

CHOICE Foundational Labs

We are bringing together a small group of scholars-in-practice, in long-term retreats (2-6 months over 2-3 years), to uncover the building blocks of human agreements in their particulars and as a whole

CHOICE Advanced Reflection Groups

We are bringing together a small group of seasoned reflective practitioners, in short-term (1-2 weeks periodically over 2-3 years) spaces of deep reflection and extended conversation, to untangle the embedded agreements that determine the success of our efforts to shift societal systems

Center for Reflection-based Practices for Young Leaders

We are building reflection-based practices (individual and group) into the way young leaders work

Global Pactoecographic Collaborative

We are scaling a global collaboration platform for abundance-based, reflective practitioners to meet, share, and grow their impact resilience
ISC is co-investing its intellectual, social, and financial capital in these social impacts.  If you are interested in co-investing in these social impacts, or if you want to invite and engage someone who might be interested in these social impacts, contact us and spread abundance